About us

we manufacture and supply Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) to the home building industry, Australia wide. Modex panels only use the best insulation in its panels which is polyurethane, and we are supported by the largest supplier of polyurethane in the world today. Accordingly we are able to supply to our customers a cost effective and energy efficient product which saves time in construction. Our products come with a 7 year warranty and has been developed by our specialist structural engineers and designers and carries Codemark certification.

Our Vision

The Company’s vision is to create significant innovative SIPs products which provide a cost competitive, energy efficient and faster construction alternative to the traditional timber frame in the Australian market.

Our Strategy:

· Progressively innovate and develop the best SIPs in the market in the Australian market and the world;

· A focus on the Australian residential market with a product which is cost competitive, more efficient and rapid construction compared to traditional timber frames;

· Use modern manufacturing methods and best practice in cost effective manufacture appropriate for the 21st century;

· Provide to the Australian market SIPs walls as an alternative to traditional timber framing with the best insulation in the market to assist customers achieve high energy star ratings for their projects;

· Provide a safe and certified building product that complies with the Australia Building Code.