Frequently asked questions

Do the panels where plumbing is located on need special treatment?

Panels where plumbing is located on plans to be stud frame to avoid complications with connections, mixers bodies and tap sets.

Is top wall plate at junctions nailed or used triple grip system?

We would propose to refer builders to the AS 1684.

There are gaps been created in the walls. How can we plug the gaps with insulation?

Optipanel can provide to the installer the polyurethane to be sprayed into any remaining gaps. 

How can the electrician install the wiring and sockets?

Optipanel has built in conduits built into its walls which can easily be fed through to the sockets by the electrician. 

Can there be electrical wiring from the roof?

Yes. Optipanels have both vertical and horizontal built in conduits. 

What if there are any quality control issues found on site which may affect installation?

Optipanel has Codemark certification and its manufacture is audited annually however on-site modifications can easily be made just like any timber frame if required

Is the product covered by a warranty? 

OptiPanel come with a 10 year warranty.

From the time that an order is made how long does it take to manufacture the panel and install it?

This will depend on the size of the project however in most instances can be ready to be delivered on site withing 2 to 3 months.

Are there instructions on how to instal Modex Optipanels?

Yes. In accordance with Codemark Certification we provide to installers our Technical Guide which has easy to follow instructions for installation. 

Are there markings of conduits to be made on all panels?

YES. Markings of all conduits to indicate electrical provisions in the panel would be advantageous to builder, owner and surveyor.

Is it possible to join the panels for the purpose of design facades exceeding 3m high?

We recommend using standard boards.

Are OSB boards marked to indicate light switches and GPO’s.?

YES. OSB boards are marked to indicate light switches and GPO’s.