“Modex OptiPanels Successfully Participates in the 2023 “Contractors & Suppliers Trade Show NSW”


2.April.2023–Modex OptiPanels, a leading provider of innovative construction solutions, made a notable presence at the prestigious “Contractors & Suppliers Trade Show NSW” in 2023. The event brought together over 50 exhibiting companies, attracting more than 100 architects and over 500 construction and contracting companies.

During the event, Modex OptiPanels showcased their cutting-edge products to local customers through interactive demonstrations, physical models, and on-site explanations. Their team engaged in in-depth discussions with numerous industry players, laying the groundwork for potential future collaborations.

An essential highlight of the exhibition was Modex OptiPanels’ demonstration of the prestigious CodeMark certificate, highlighting the company’s commitment to product quality and compliance. They also emphasized the multitude of advantages and conveniences their products bring to customers.

The participation of Modex OptiPanels in the “Contractors & Suppliers Trade Show NSW” not only showcased their commitment to innovation but also reinforced their position as a leading player in the construction industry. The event provided an ideal platform for industry professionals to explore new possibilities and foster meaningful partnerships.”