New 2+2 Layer Press Equipment Enhances Manufacturing Efficiency and Quality


19.June 2023—The latest generation of 2+2 layer press equipment is revolutionizing manufacturing processes, delivering unprecedented efficiency and superior product quality. By overcoming limitations of the previous machines, the new equipment marks a significant leap forward in the industry.

Old Equipment Challenges:

The older 2+2 layer press equipment faced the following limitations:

Uneven Product Thickness: The welding frame of the laminated press table often resulted in products with inconsistent thickness, compromising quality.

Foaming Machine Constraints: Limited flow rates impacted the quality of foaming, especially for products with longer foaming requirements.

Cost and Quality Issues: Inability to use pentane foaming led to higher costs and lower quality foam.

Advancements in the New Equipment:

The new 2+2 layer press equipment introduces key improvements:

Enhanced Structural Design: The tabletop, made from a single steel plate, minimizes equipment deformation and ensures high flatness.

Streamlined Air Discharge: The ability to tilt the laminated press equipment facilitates efficient air discharge, improving overall product quality.

Higher Foaming Efficiency: Increased flow rates and reduced foaming time enhance foaming quality, with the use of pentane resulting in lower costs.

Optimal Heat Transfer and Insulation: High-efficiency heat transfer oil and comprehensive insulation measures guarantee stable foaming quality.

With the advent of the new 2+2 layer press equipment, Modex OptiPanels can expect improved efficiency, precision, and product excellence. These advancements propel the industry towards a future defined by streamlined processes, consistent quality, and enhanced competitiveness.